Tree Flora of Sabah and Sarawak Vol. 4

Code: TFSS 4

Edited by E. Soepadmo, Saw Leng Guan & R.C.K.Chung


448 pp

2002, reprinted 2007

ISBN: 983-2181-27-5


This Tree Flora of Sabah & Sarawak is an account of the families of trees that occur in these two botanically rich Malaysia states situated in the island of Borneo. This is the fourth volume produced by the "Tree Flora of Sabah & Sarawak" project. This volume contains accounts of six medium-size and large families. They are Aquifoliaceae, Ebenaceae, Lecythidaceae, Oleaceae, Proteaceac and Sapotaceae. More significantly, members of the Ebenaceae and Sapotaceae are important sources of tropical timbers from Sabah and Sarawak. This volume provides detailed and up-to-date botanical information on 24 genera and 321 species supplemented with 64 line drawings of representative species. Among the discoveries are: 45 species are new to science, 149 endemic to Borneo, 69 are endemic to Sabah and/or Sarawak and 45 are rare species.