Marzalina M et al.



100 pp


ISBN: 978-967-2149-19-4

This book, Tropical Timber Seeds Story, is a translation from dedication and experiences of researchers who have been working with seeds in Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) since 1985. The content of this book is a leisurely sharing of tropical rainforest seeds. The story begins with the aspect of tropical rainforest as a source of germplasm conservation. The richness of biodiversity resources for this germplasm is monitored through phenological observations involving flushing, flowering, conception and maturity periods. Besides the status of the species, whether threatened or should be protected, the acquisition of seed produced requires a good understanding of physiological behavior of the seed. Regular operation of seed acquisition has an impact on forest plantation. This book shares FRIMís experience in dealing with tropical forest seeds meant as planting materials, conservation, plantation, landscape and ornamental usage through an interesting and easy-to-understand colourful images and graphics.




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