Nature's Choice to Wellness Antioxidant Vegetables/Ulam (SAR 7-08)

S. Vimala et al.


A group of researchers from the Medicinal Plant Division of FRIM has investigated various sources for natural antioxidants and it was found that vegetables, herbs, fruits, nuts, grains and cereals are rich in natural antioxidants.

This book documents 20 such vegetables species, commonly consumed as 'ulam' by the Malaysian community, that would make excellent antioxidant food.


Natural antioxidants can destroy excess free radicals in the body and keep the oxidative stress state in balance. Thus, natural antioxidants from food supplements can prevent age-dependent diseases, inhibit the progress of diseases, hinder aging symptoms, repair oxidative damage and improve health conditions.


Antioxidant food enhances the immune system, prevents infections, increases general health and ability and maintains youthfulness, activeness, alertness and a high level of energy even as we age.


RM 45 / USD 34 (postage not included)

133 pp


ISBN: 983-2181-43-7