Common Commercial Timbers of Peninsular Malaysia 

(RP 125-08)


K. S. Gan & S. C. Lim


There exists numerous published works on Malaysian timbers, but these publications are often either scattered or too technical for general use. The idea of compiling information on Malaysian timbers specifically for quick reference by general user has become necessary. This book covers 60 timber groups, provides information such as timber classification, major species that make up the respective timber group, a brief description of the macroscopic features of the timber, general characteristics and other properties such as density and strength groupings. Information on the uses, distribution and availability is also provided. In addition, a photomicrograph on the cross-section of the timber at low magnification and a photograph on the general appearance of the timber concerned are also provided to facilitate easy recognition and appreciation of the timber. It is hoped that the information provided by the book is useful to timber traders, students and those who have some dealings with timbers.  


Code    : RP 125-08

Author : K. S. Gan & S. C. Lim

Price    : RM 50 / USD 38

ISBN   : 983-2181-55-0

Year    : 2004

No. of Pages: 130pp.