Biology, Infestation Pattern and Population Dynamics of The Angsana Leaf Miner, Neolithocollets pentadesma (RP122)


Neolithocolletis pentadesma is a species of leaf miner that causes repeated outbreaks on angsana trees in Peninsular Malaysia. Severe attacks result in premature shedding of leaves. During a 1994-95 investigation on a solitary tree, the percentage of infested leaflets increased rapidly to reach 100% soon after refoliation was complete. Plant antibiosis is believed to be the key factor causing mortality of most of the first and second instar harvea. Although it is a limiting factor against the continued increase in leaf miner population, plant antibiosis is by itself unable to prevent the pest from reaching outbreak situition. The natural enemies included an egg predator (larva of Coniopterygidae), larval predators (ants and larvae of Chrysopidae) and several species of parasitoids of the family Eulophidae.


Code    : RP 122

Author : Khoo Soo Ghee

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ISBN   : 983-9592-99-8

Year    : 1999

No. of Pages: 30pp.