The Role of FRIM in Addressing Climate-Change Issues


Editors: A. M. Abdul Rashid et al.



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ISBN: 978-967-5221-28-6


127 pp



The book highlights issues of climate-change and covers on role of Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) in research on the role of forestry in climate change. It has been designed in the following format in eight chapters.It begins with an introduction chapter, which presents forestry in general in Malaysia and involvement of FRIM in climate-change issues. It followed by Chapter 2 that elaborates on national and international agreements, administration and gaps in policies related to climate change. Chapter 3 focuses on issues of land use and land-use change in forestry (LULUCF) in Malaysia, while Chapter 4 considers the adaptation and mitigation options available in this country. Chapter 5 provides the contribution of FRIM in climate-change issues together with respective agencies and departments. FRIMís involvement in past, current and future research and Development (R&D) on climate change is given in Chapter 6. Some research projects and case studies and future activities that have been planned and proposed for execution related with climate change are described in this chapter. Chapter 7 shows how forest conservation policy is tied up with carbon emission and storage. Finally, Chapter 8 synthesizes the discussions of all prior chapters with a conclusion of the book.




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