Pocket Check List of Timber Trees  (MFR17)


J. Wyatt-Smith (Third revision by K. M. Kochummen)

Abstracts :

This book represents K. M. Kochummen's last major effort in the field of plant taxonomy before his demise in March 1999. The book covers dipterocarp trees, non-dipterocarp trees, vegetative characters useful for identification of forest trees of Peninsular Malaysia, keys to non-dipterocarps, regeneration sampling list of 1974, index to scientific names and glossary. The present edition, which also includes some botanical name changes and corrections as well as colour prints of trees, will be a valuable reference for botanists and students.

Price : RM 30/USD 23

No. of Pages: 367 pp

Year of Publication: 1999

ISBN: 985-9592-94-7

Code: MFR 17