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KARAS (Aquilaria malaccensis): A Plantation Species in Peninsular Malaysia


Authors: Y Ahmad Zuhaidi, WM Ho & H Nor Hasnida


Code: MFR54


107 pp

RM140/USD80 (postage not included)

ISBN: 978-967-2149-05-7


This book presents updated information on the breeding system of the species, production of planting material, field planting, inoculation, plant plantation and an overview of the agarwood products assessment. This book further discusses the current scenario of agarwood industry in the country and potential new products for domestic market and development of nature tourism, a new hope for the industry. The contents have been well researched and written over a period of years by experienced authors with the support in various ways from many researchers from different Divisions in Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM). The information generated from this book will be a useful tool not only for investors or plantation owners but also academicians as well as potential entrepreneurs in agarwood industry.