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Flora Of Peninsular Malaysia Volume 5―Series II: Seed Plants


Editors: R Kiew, RCK Chung, LG Saw & E Soepadmo

Code: MFR49(5)


319 pp

RM100/USD60 (postage not included)

ISBN: 978-967-0622-39-2


The Flora of Peninsular Malaysia Series ll provides revisions for seed plant families that occur in Peninsular Malaysia. Volume 5 includes revisions of 28 genera and 123 species in 8 families, namely, Aristolochiaceae, Buxaceae, Convolvulaceae, Droseraceae, Nymphaeaceae, Phytolaccaceae, Podostemaceae and Viscaceae. Conservation status and distribution maps are provided for indigenous species. Representative species are illustrated by botanical plates and colour photographs.