Flora Of Peninsular Malaysia Series II: Seed Plants, Volume 2

Malayan Forest Records No. 49



Editors: R Kiew, RCK Chung, LG Saw, E Soepadmo & PC Boyce

Code: MFR49(2)


235 pp

RM100/USD75 (postage not included)

ISBN: 978-967-5221-53-8



Volume 2 is devoted to two subfamilies of the Apocynaceae, namely, Apocynoideae with 21 genera and 55 species and Rauvolfioideae with 14 genera and 57 species. Both subfamilies include indigenous species that are important ornamental plants. Keys for the genera and species are provided. For species, conservation and distribution maps are given together with an overview of the conservation of these two subfamilies. Representative species are illustrated by botanical line drawings and colour photographs.