An In-Depth Look At Enrichment Planting


Editors: H. T. Chan, I. Shamsudin & P. Ismail

Code: MFR 47

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194 pp

ISBN: 978-983-2181-96-5



Enrichment planting has been undertaken in Peninsular Malaysia since the 1900s and has been actively implemented since the mid-1960s. Over the years, large extents of logged-over forest have already been planted and the practice is being continued until today. In this regard, various studies and trials on enrichment planting have been conducted. Recognizing the importance of enrichment planting, the Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) has decided to compile and document available information on studies and trials of enrichment planting undertaken to date. In addition, the document contains an in-depth review and analysis of the effectiveness of enrichment planting. This book represents a comprehensive review of enrichment planting trials conducted in Peninsular Malaysia with the aim that it will be used as an authoritative document for future reference. The book contains eight chapters with Chapter 3 highlighting case studies conducted in Peninsular Malaysia. It is envisaged that this book would serve as a useful reference and guide in the establishment of enrichment planting programmes within the country.