Management Prescriptions For Non-Production Functional Classes Of Forest (MFR 46)


Shamsudin Ibrahim et al.

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154 pp


ISBN: 983-2181-38-0


This publication reviews and develops appropriate management prescriptions, giving a clearer definition for each of the forest classes. Thus, it will assist forest managers to properly define these functional classes and develop appropriate management prescriptions to enable better planning and management of the forest resources.

The precise definition of each type of forest is important in enabling the formulation of forest management prescriptions. It also focus on the management plan that takes into account what is intended to do, what can be done and what must be done for the selected non-productive functional classes.

This publication also touches on sustainable forest management issues. It addresses gaps in the information required to achieving sustainable forest management as well as fulfilling the Malaysian Criteria, Indicators, Activities and Standards of Performance developed for forest management certification.