A Manual for Forest Plantation Establishment in Malaysia (MFR45)


: A Manual for Forest Plantation Establishment in Malaysia  


: MFR 45


: B. Krishnapillay

Total Pages 

: 286 pp

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: RM90.00  (Malaysia)



  USD68.00 (Overseas)

: 983-2181-28-3

: 2002, Reprinted 2014


This is a comprehensive book that puts together information on all the disciplines needed to start a forest plantation from soil and site requirements and their preparation, to how planting material can be acquired and prepared for planting, the pest and disease aspects of forest plantations and finally the financial analysis of this venture. The manual also contains detailed descriptions of a number of selected species that over the years of research and trial planting have emerged as perhaps most suitable for plantation industry in Malaysia. It represents the present state of our knowledge of plantation forestry.