A Dictionary of Malaysian Timbers (3rd edition)

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TM Wong

Revised by

SC Lim, KS Gan & RCK Chung

Total Pages

266 pp

Price (postage not included)

RM75.00 (Malaysia)

USD53.00 (Overseas)

Although there exists a large number of published works on Malaysian timbers, these publications are often scattered resulting in a haphazard and often incomplete gathering of information. Thus, the idea of bringing together, compiling and summarising information on Malaysian timbers into a single publication has become necessary so as to provide a quick access to such information. The dictionary covers a large array of timber species, provides information such as the physical, mechanical and processing properties of each species, and gives the current and potential uses of as many timber species as possible. It is hoped that with the information presented, lesser-known and hitherto underutilized timbers can be better understood and utilized. The entries are arranged in alphabetical order making checking of information very easy. It is, therefore, a handy reference material for timber traders, students, scientists and those who work with timbers in one way or another.