Modified Guidelines for the Inventory of Tongkat Ali (E. longifolia) and Other Medicinal Plants (FTIHB31)



H. Norini & M.I. Mohd. Azmi



The guidelines provided in this handbook are a modified version for quantifying tongkat ali (E. longifolia) and other medicinal plants through forest inventory. After describing the existing guidelines at the outset, the handbook continues by introducing the modified guidelines meant specifically for tongkat ali and other medicinal plants. The handbook ends by applying the step-by-step procedures involved in carrying out the modified guidelines in three main forest reserves in the state of Kedah, namely, Gunung Jerai, Gunung Raya and Bukit Perak. (18 pp.)  

Code: FTIHB 31

Authors: H. Norini & M. I. Mohd Azmi

Price   :RM 20/USD 15 postage not included)

Year   :2001


No. of Pages: 18 pp.