Guidelines for the Wood Processing Industry Control of Wood Adhesives & Finishes (FTIHB27)


H. C. Sim



This book is produced in collaboration with the Department of Occupational Safety & Health. These guidelines are written specifically for wood processing companies, mainly those small and medium scale enterprises. The guidelines aim at providing factory owners and managers with guidance on practical ways of reducing the exposure to chemicals, such as the volatile organic compounds in the solvents, wood adhesives and finishes, by as much as technically and economically feasible. These chemicals are generally toxic and can be hazardous to human. The emphasis of these guidelines is to reduce chemical exposure at the source, such as to either substitute with less dangerous substances or change the technology involving the use of these hazardous chemicals.


Code: FTIHB 27


Author: Sim Heok Choh

Price: RM 13/USD10 (postage not included)

Year: 1999

ISBN 983-9592-97-1