Establishment and Management

of Khaya ivorensis Plantation

Ahmad Zuhaidi Yahya et al.


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27 pp




This handbook outlines the overall silvicultural activities in setting up a plantation of Khaya ivorensis from planting to harvesting on a cycle of 20-25 years. The activities include the method used in raising the seedlings, handling in the nursery, hardening and the transportation to the planting site. The silvicultural activities on the early part of the establishment including planting season, timing and dressing of the planted seedling are important aspects in ensuring success of the plantation. The main objective of planting the species is for the production of medium-size timber of 3035 cm diameter at breast height, thus the importance of early selection, post-tending treatments and stages of thinning prescriptions before the final harvest is also discussed. The analysis based on the actual input costs and economic assumptions on expected log prices shows that the planting of Khaya ivorensis is financially viable venture for the production of medium-sized timber within of 2025 years period.





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