An Assessment of FRIM's Forest Plantation Plots and Their Role in

Plantation Research (FR 75)

L. H. Ang et al.

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76 pp


ISSN 0128-9640



This report primarily reviews the status of all the planting trials established by FRIM in the early 1950s. The trials cover the whole of Peninsular Malaysia. The survey shows that some timber species, both exotics and indigenous can be identified from the existing trial for pilot planting. This report provides the background and status of the planting trials of about 95 timber species. Some of these trial plots are identified as permanent research sites as seed production areas and genetic conservation sites.

Some of these 40-year-old research plots are mature stands of high-value timber species ready for harvesting and this shows their plantation potential. These species are suitable for producing timbers for the uses of various wood industries such as plywood, furniture, cabinet, veneer, pulp and paper. In addition, this report also provides information on species suitable for marginal sites such as grassland, exmining land, coastal sand dunes (BRIS) and swampy areas. In addition, this report provides information of selected potential plantation species and their early establishment techniques. This report also contains useful maps of research plots for further studies on yield, conservation, biology and carbon-sequestration.