Bonding Performance of Glued Laminated Timber from Yellow Balau (Shorea falcifera) (FR 108)

SS How


8 pp


ISSN 0128-9640


The objective of the paper is to address the bonding performance of yellow balau timber in glulam. Comparisons between bonding performances of glulam samples made from two different grades of phenol resorcinol formaldehyde (PRF) were addressed. In addition, the bonding performances of samples that had been pre-treated with D.O.T. were compared. Methods in removing D.O.T had been taken with the aim that the bonding performance could be improved to at least at par with with that of the non-treated samples. In essence, it was found that the success in removing D.O.T could not retain the bonding performances as compared to that of the untreated samples.